Be sure to watch our video below covering install and initial review.


When it came time to upgrade the high beams in our 2018 TRD 4Runner we turned to a name we knew we could trust. XenonDepot had already been our brand of choice for the HID low beams and they have worked great.

With the recent announcement and release of their new DRL driver we were excited to give them a try. The new driver allows the bulb to operate at a much lower output when in DRL mode for a truly functional daytime running light. The kit is very complete, install is very straight forward, DRL feature functions perfectly, and normal power output is very impressive.

The exact kit we used is and be sure to select the DRL module. (The PWM module will let the bulbs run in DRL bulb without flicker but at full power. In other words, your daytime running lights will be full power high beams.)

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