Before I even purchased my 4Runner I knew that blacking out the emblems was going to be a requirement. Once I had the 4Runner I inspected the TRD Off Road emblems on the sides and realized that painting or dipping them would probably not work very well or easily. After some research I found a few other 4Runner owners online who had managed to either successfully plastidip or remove and paint their emblems. Their work looked great but two things became apparent, it was way more work than I wanted it to be and the end result just didn’t look right. It may be a weird thing to say but the TRD Off Road side emblems are too thin to contrast with the vehicle correctly in my eyes.

After a bit more research I opted to go with Nox Lux overlays. They are not very expensive, literally install in minutes, and the fit/finish on them is flawless. They also added just a touch more “meat” to the side emblems with the way they are designed. I must say I am extremely happy with how they turned out.



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