Took a pretty awesome trip into the Mt Hood National Forest over Labor Day Weekend. We knew where we wanted to get to, a remote lake that I had been eyeballing on maps for a while. I knew there were a couple ways to get to it so prior to the trip I created a route on Gaia (, set a start point on Google Maps, packed a little gear, and we headed out. (I like to use Googe and/or Waze for navigation on the road and then Gaia GPS once we hit trail.)


The scenery even from the main highways is epic. We’re quite familiar with this as we travel this route often.


The trailhead was pretty easy to find. I had it marked on the map and once we got there learned there was a sign marker for it.


The drive in was relatively uneventful. Just a gravel road with some good and some not so good sections. I was more focused on driving and watching the map at this point rather than taking photos.


ARRIVING AT THE LAKE!!!! So yeah, the lake was pretty awesome. Due to our extreme lack of rain this time of year, and especially this year specifically, the lake was really low. We were able to drive out to the lake bed which is usually still under water. We hung out, flew the drone, grabbed some photos, goofed off, and then head on our way to finish the route.

On the route out there were some pretty incredible views. One of the things that we got to see was this cutout in a rock for the road. Not only was the cutout awesome but the views from here were pretty epic.

Right around the next corner was a great unique view of Mt. Hood.

We stopped several more times on the way out to see the incredible scenery.

One last stop on the way home at Trillium Lake. This is a  beautiful lake with plenty of camping but also a paved with a parking lot so always full of people.

Mt. Hood over Trillium Lake

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