I knew when I bought the 4Runner, as I usually do with all my vehicles, that the lighting would need to be upgraded. It didn’t take long after I drove at night for the first time to confirm it had to happen soon. With that being said, I can’t give a great review of what I have done as I haven’t had the chance to use much. We’re in the middle of summer so I do very little driving at night. I will give a full review eventually but what I can say now from the minimal use is that this setup is plenty bright.

I chose to go with HID’s in the low beams as I have with all my vehicles. The factory projector of this 4Runner make for a great cut off as well. I also had to make a decision on the fogs. I often just go with matching HID’s in my fogs to ensure the color matches but I decided to go a different route this time. This is where Xenon Depot stepped in provided a great solution for both. If you’re looking for lighting upgrades I strongly suggest giving them a call.


I went with their Extreme Hid kit in 4300k for the headlights and Baja Design Squadron-R Sport Amber Combo for the fogs. The entire install was plug and play, no extra wires, and the only modifications needed was to cut a small hole in the back of each headlight dust cover. Again, a full review will be written once I get the chance to use them more.


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